Breast Specialist, Lactation Consultant

La Leche League International Global Professional Liaison Group

Scottish Government Breastfeeding Advocacy and Culture Group – Policy Subcommittee

Lactation Consultants of Great Britain Member

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Member

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Member

Justice became passionate about breastfeeding as many of us do, through her own experiences as a new mother.  Alongside caring for her 3 daughters, she supports families locally as a volunteer La Leche League Leader and as a Lactation Consultant in private practice.  In recent years she has been able to appreciate the cultural, psychosocial and public health significance of breastfeeding. Justice is proud to be a part of Breastfeeding for Doctors for continuing to raise the profile of this important aspect of infant and maternal health, and for shifting the culture and perceptions of medical parents.