Consultant Paediatrician with special interest in nutrition, Newcastle 

Co-Chair of the Hospital Infant Feeding Network  Professional Advisor to La Leche League GB and the Breastfeeding Network

Member of the Association for Breastfeeding Mothers

Trustee of First Steps Nutrition Trust

Contributor to Sleep, Baby and You resources with Durham Infant Sleep Centre

Member of Lullaby Trust scientific committee

Contributor to The Positive Breastfeeding Book (Brown), A Guide to Supporting Breastfeeding for the Medical Profession (Brown and Jones), and Supporting Breastfeeding Past the First Six Months and Beyond (Pickett)

Contributor to Breastfeeding the Brave online education resources (Hookway)

Vicky is permanently surprised by the direction her career has taken and has bouts of imposter syndrome on a daily basis. A combination of a deep love for babies (her own and the ones she meets through work), a furious sense of injustice, and a bafflement at how little healthcare professionals and the general public know about infant feeding and behaviour have steered her professional interests on this course. She is passionate about making feeding a joyful, healthy and nurturing experience for families and children regardless of barriers of finance, resources and illness.

Vicky talks, reads, writes and teaches about infant feeding and sleep every day. When not doing this, she is a passionate runner, keen baker and writes a bit of poetry. Her ever patient husband and very tolerant children are used to finding her demonstrating breastfeeding techniques to total strangers at parties and in parks.